Chinese face—RunCore will show in ESC 2011

2011 ESC Silicon Valley—one of the largest embedded electronic and industry computer application exhibition in US will run from May 3rd to 5th 2011. As a leading brand in Chinese defense and industry SSD market, RunCore will show its main product series, including Invincible series, Elite series and Pro series, at the exhibition booth No. 1145.

RunCore KylinII SAS SSD is the leading enterprise-class SSD, adopting advanced flash controller and NAND flash, with excellent performance in sequential read/ write and random read/write IOPS. Proprietary of DuraClass technology for SSD longevity, reliability and data integrity, use R.A.I.S.E data protection technology, can over the probabilistic risk of page or block failure inherent in all Falsh memory technology. The solid-state hard drive capacity is up to 400G, and has 200G, 100G capacity to choose. On read/write performance, Kylin II has maximum sequential read speed of 540MB / s, maximum sequential write speed has reached the 500MB / s, IOPS can reach 60,000, fully satisfy the needs of business users.

RunCore Elite series products provide the perfect cost effective solution. It has a smaller physical size, lower power consumption, more suitable for users’ industrial design and one-stop solution kit. MSATA product is ideal for more environmentally, space-saving small computer, POS machines, set-top boxes, industrial control computer, the Internet and tablet PCs and other equipment. With Intel's push, mSata solution is a standard design for storage device industry to exchange and update. Compared to Mini-PCI Express, with the same pin definition, mSata solution is able to support higher speed performance.

RunCore Invincible Series provides PXIe / CPCI and PMC / XMC interfaces of new products. Invincible CPCI solid-state storage card can be used as portable, high speed, large capacity of storage device, is compatible with CPCI interface, using standard 3U/4HP CPCI size. The interface transfer bandwidth is 266MB / s, read / write rate is up to 120 MB / s, support capacity from 32GB to 256GB. For the Invincible PMC / XMC solid-state storage card, the capacities of 64G to 512G, the maximum read / write rate is up to 100MB / S, with RunCore exclusive one key function of destruction and remote destruction, destruction rate is up to 5GB / S, is the loyal guards of data security in defense and industry region.
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  2. yes , I think so , Let's talk more about SSD : in 2011, RunCore provide SSD like Kylin SSD ,which can enhance the stability and reliability of our data in SSD , what will RunCore bring to in CES 2012, dated Jan 10 to 13, 2012 in Las Vages , expecting ...
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