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i just bought an ati radeon hd 2600 pro 1gb graphics card for my old agp system in hopes of bringin a little life back in it and replacing my old x1300 pro. so i uninstalled drivers, took out old card put in new one and when i goto start it up, it goes to the hp splash screen than just freezes up and sits there, the fans spinning on the card so idk whats going on, i need help!
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  1. Here is a couple of things it could be. Your Power Supply could not be up to par. your AGP slot might be 4x and not work with 8x cards. Or the card is DOA and you should send it back. Also check if there is a power plug on the 2600. It may have one since the x1300 doesnt need extra power since its a lower end card.
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