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Hey everyone,

Finishing my build, finally after a while of planning and all is done apart from the case and water cooling. The reason for this being should I get the thermal take Level 10 GT LCS with the watercooling in already, or should I go for the HAF X and get something I put in myself?

Money is no object, I will be O.Cing as I have just purchased an i7 990x and if Im going over the top I would rather go over the top on my water cooling aswell.

Thanks (:
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  1. Thermaltake isn't really known for making anything in the watercooling world that is worth a damn. They make good air coolers, but I'd steer clear of their WC solutions...they have historically been junk.

    Radiator in that setup looks aluminium...they still haven't learned if this is true. Galvanic corrosion isn't a good thing...mixing copper and aluminium will leave you with corrosion and loop degradation.

    That TT pump isn't the best out's cheap, but for relatively similar prices, you can find better pumps. I don't know what CPU block that is, but again...TT doesn't make the best WC components out there.

    The case is pretty wicked looking, I just don't like the watercooling option. I'm also not sure on what the premium cost is for the WC loop, but I'm betting its more than it's actually worth and it won't cool more than just a CPU.

    What components are you cooling in your system? CPU only...or GPU(s) as well?
  2. Thanks for the reply rubix, I had just been reading a few of your posts on another thread somewhere. I was going to only cool my CPU but I have heard that the 6990's can get really hot so I might include that but as of right now I am doing my CPU only. Do you think a HAF X and then I just find a watercooler myself? I was just worried as I have seen some of the water cooling set ups and this one, well kind looked sucky.
  3. If you have a good (unlimited?) budget, you can get into some great watercooling gear and setup your own loop...and it really wouldn't run you as much as you'd think, depending on what you wanted to cool in your loop.

    A good CPU only loop would run you from $130-190 (XSPC Rasa kit) to $200-$250, depending how high-end you wanted to go. Depending on GPUs being added, you are looking at an additional waterblock for each ($55-$125 each) and additional radiators for cooling.

    Have you read through the sticky? I have it linked in my signature below, if not.
  4. Yes I will be sure to check out your threads. The only thing I need to think about now is the Case, Watercooling and SSD's until I have everything purchased. As of right now my budget is pretty much unlimited so I will also take a look at the XSPC kit. I would love to overclock my GPU's but it would be the first time doing so, so I will get the waterblocks for the GPU's but I will need to do a little research on overclocking gPU's first.
  5. For OC'ing GPUs, you can use several different tools, depending on what you like. You can even go as far as setting your GPU processor, memory and shaders manually and flashing them to the BIOS of the card to run by default. Not many people do this, but its a long term possibility. Many people use RivaTuner or tools available through their card manufacturer (for example, my GTX260s are EVGA, and they have their own GUI overclocking tool to download and use).

    The Rasa kits are good starter kits and work well. Depending on what all you intend on running in your loop, you might consider a stronger pump. The Rasa kit pump isn't terrible, but if you are going to spend a decent amount of money on the loop, you don't want to skimp on the pump.
  6. Thanks for the swift replies rubix. If I could ask, if you were going all out on your latest pc what water cooling would you put in? This would be the first time putting it in (as I always used air), but I do research long and hard and try to get the most out of everything I purchase. If you could recommend a kit to me then that would be great as I have asked 3 people are 2 of them said a Corsair H100.
  7. Sapphire TRiXX works great for overclocking and overvolting GPU's and isnt just for sapphire cards anymore.
  8. Quote:
    If you could recommend a kit to me then that would be great as I have asked 3 people are 2 of them said a Corsair H100

    I actually wouldn't recommend this, unless you just want something simple to use, performs average to moderately well and simply allows you to say 'look, watercooling...bling!'.

    Otherwise, the Rasa kits are the only kit I'd really recommend...otherwise, I'd say put together a loop. It isn't as scary as you think once you get the concepts figured out.

    Performance PCs Rasa kit link
  9. Can you give me for information on the loop or is it included in the Rasa kit? I plan to read all the links in about an hour or so, once I have finished work.
  10. The link is just for Performance PCs who has both the Rasa RS and RX kits. Both are the same except for the radiators...the kits with RX are the XSPC RX series radiators which are thicker and perform better than the RS of the same 'size'. For instance, the RX360 is about 30-40% thicker than the RS360, which allows it to perform better and offer more cooling ability.

    All would be the same, except for the radiator for each kit:
    - Rasa Black (Acetal) CPU Waterblock
    - Socket 775, 1366 and 1154 Backplates
    - Socket AM2 and AM3 mounting kit
    - X2O 750 12V Pump/Reservoir (42dB Max)
    - 5mm Blue LED with 4Pin Molex
    - RX360 Radiator
    - 80mm to 120mm Radiator brackets
    - Low Noise 1700rpm 120mm Fan x3
    - 120mm Fan Grill x 3
    - 2 Meters of Clear 7/16" Hose
    - G1/4" to 1/2" barbs x6
    - Thermal Paste
    AMD Sockets 939, 754, 940, AM2, AM3
    Intel Sockets LGA1366, LGA1156, LGA775, 603, 604
    *Requires mounting holes
  11. Right so I would need to purchase the RS and RX kits?
  12. No, you'd get one or the other, unless you want 2 kits for some reason.

    If you need to add to that loop, you just add the blocks or radiators and connect tubing to complete the loop.
  13. Right so a few videos later I am starting to grasp it quite well. I have decided to go with the triple radiator. The link is below, what else would I need to complete this kit?
  14. If you are only wanting to cool your CPU, everything is in the kit but distilled water and biocide.

    If you wanted to include 1 GPU, I'd say go with the Rasa RX360 and get a waterblock for the video card. If you have more than one video'll need another radiator (since you would be adding more heat to dissipate into the loop) and GPU block for that card.
  15. Again, thanks rubix for the help I do greatly appreciate it. I have decided to go with the RX360. This is the one correct:
  16. Yes, that is correct. If you have any questions, keep them coming. That should suit you well for a first time kit. The radiator and CPU block are both very good. The pump is good, but if you want to build on that kit with more components down the road (and depending on what they are) consider upgrading to a stronger pump at that point. A lot of people have this pump running on a CPU/2 GPU/2 radiator loop just fine, so don't worry about it. Rasa kit owners club...take a look at how many posts and members... :)
  17. Thanks again Rubix, if I have any questions I will sure to come to this part of the forum, Im glad you replied. Thanks.
  18. No problem...hope to see you back with updates.
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