Newies to mobo or motherboard..

hello.. i really need a help with purchasing a motherboard... i have a hard time, decision to choose which gigabyte or asus...well it's my first time building one....i just want to play games at best setting. you know?
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  1. i guess no one answer my thread eh?
  2. It's hard to comment without more information from you. Have you chosen a CPU? Do you have other components selected? What are your priorities? Do you need to be able to use certain peripherals or already have cards you want to use? What is your budget? Do you have a prefence of AMD or Intel? If you're looking at a new build your questions might be better posted here:

    Here's a guide for posting in that area of the forum:
  3. Picking a motherboard should actually be one of the LAST things you do. The CPU, RAM and video card are basically what determine the performance of the system -- the motherboard is just the vessel that holds it all together. So decide the other components first, then find a motherboard that's compatible with what you want to do:

    1. Pick a CPU
    2. Decide on which RAM you want
    3. Decide whether you will ever want to do Crossfire/SLI
    4. If so, figure out which actual graphics card(s) you'll use
    5. Decide whether you need USB 3.0/SATA3 support
    6. Make sure all of the above will fit into your budget

    ... and THEN pick a motherboard. There will be one that fits just about any possible combination of the above.
  4. phenom x4 black edition
    maybe corsair or ocz ram
    crossfirex havent decided what kind of ati series.. i might need 3 video card for it.
    um corsair 850 watts psu?
    yeah maybe sata 3.0 and usb 3.0. i'm thinking about it
  5. Why might you want 3 video cards ?
  6. well i heard it can do 3 video card.. crossfire um, i thought that's really interesting.
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