Some Fan Questions.

First, I've got 2 cpu fans that I plan on replacing sometime soon. They are CoolerMaster Blade Master fans, and they are attached to the coolermaster hyper 212+. They are 120mm, and they have a maximum rpm of 2000. I'm looking at the Noctua NF-P14 FLX. It measures 140mm, but should fit where a 120mm fan was or would be. Maximum rpm of 1200. Now, I'm not sure if the fans I currently have installed are too powerful (together, that is), but I would rather be safe and go with something that is somewhere near the same. So I am considering those Noctua fans, two of them, but I don't have cfm data, only size and rpm. So I would ask the community what rpm would the Noctua Fan's hypothetical 120mm sized equivalent (in cfm) have? And if I switch to the Noctua fans, would I see a significant rise in temperature? Or, considering that I do and would have a dual fan setup, then, in praxis, would the difference between the two be mostly in the level of noise?

Second Problem. The chassis is a Lian Li PC-B25F. The front 2 fans are 120mm, and I am considering using the same fans as above, but I am worried that the rounded frame's of the two fans will be so large that they will conflict with one another. Has anyone ever tried replacing two 120mm fans that are similarly close together with two Noctua NF-P14 FLX fans? If not, then maybe someone could take a look at the pics and specs and tell me if I will have problems.

Third is a similar problem. I have a single 120mm rear exhaust that runs at 1500 rpm. I do not know if the Noctua NF-P14 FLX will fit. And I am unsure if the added diameter would be superior to the NF-P12 -- that is to say, I would like to know if the added diameter will improve airflow when that extra room in which the fan maneuvers is blocked by the chassis. And I am also questioning whether any of the Noctua fans will be powerful enough to replace my rear exhaust. In case it matters, I do (and will) have both cpu fans blowing right into the rear exhaust, so that will sort of assist the rear exhaust in expelling heat, right? So, I'd like to know whether I should replace the rear exhaust with a Noctua fan, of a specific type, or whether I should look into a different fan? If the latter, then some suggestions would be nice. I do not want to have one fan that is too much louder than the rest, as that would kind of defeat the point of using sound-optimized fans everywhere else.

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  1. Why not replace the 120mm fans with new 120mm fans? Fans like Antec TriCool or Cooler Master (any one of them, all are pretty much great) offer excellent air movement at low noise levels. I'd recommend you take a look at the Cooler Master Excalibur fans for the cooler and Antec TriCool fans for the case. They have adjustable speed switches so you can set their speed to obtain maximum cooling for minimum noise.
  2. The Cooler Master Excalibur looks good, but I now think that two Noctua NF-P14 FLXs would provide sufficient airflow for the cpu. I'm mostly worried about the two front intake fans and the single rear exhaust. Would the Excalibur be appropriate for the case's rear exhaust?

    And for the two intake fans, I am not really looking for an upgrade as much as a replacement -- because, as I understand it, a negative pressure that emphasizes exhaust is a good thing. So I want something quiet, and only somewhat more powerful than what I already have. Would the Antec TriCool fan fit that description when set for a slower speed? Or maybe there is something that runs by default at a slightly higher speed then what I have, and has a noise level that is comparable to the Noctua fans, because I would prefer not to complicate things with adjustability. Really, for the 2 front intake fans, the Noctua NF-P14 FLX would suit my needs very well, so long as they fit together.
  3. As an aside, does anyone know of a brand or model that has noise-to-airflow ratios comparable to Noctua's, but which are slightly more powerful, or even more than slightly?
  4. There must be something wrong with me because I seem to kill every thread I post in, especially those of my own creation. But I have a birthday coming up within the month, and I need to complete my birthday list, so any help I can get is welcomed.
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