Could I fit a liquid cooling system in my case?

Well thats my case, now the question is, would I be able to fit a liquid cooling system completely inside?

I use an h50 which takes up the back 120mm fan. So I was thinking of a dual 120mm radiator on top. Then I got stuck, as to where to put a pump / res etc. My single 6870 gets hot enough (80C under load) And Im going to add another one around xmas so the temps are going to get higher. So yeah, would a cooling system fit inside here?
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  1. It might, although you would prob spend less on a good full tower and good aftermarket air cooling solution.
  2. It looks like you could put the pump at the bottom of the hdd rack and you can get a pump/resevoir combo unit that would take up less space. You can also get creative with the selection of fittings so that you can route the tubing in such a way as to put things in cramped places. Also you can use the bottom external 5 1/2 bay for a pump/res unit. It might be cramped but I think you can pull it off.
  3. No, definitely not in that case...far too small. You are going to need one of those dual 2x120 rads for each CPU and are looking at a total of 6x120mm worth of radiator to effectively cool that loop. Do you realize how bad the delta-T would be with all that and only a single 220?...holy crap...bad. Even if it was only the GPUs and you continued to use the H50, you'd still need two 2x120 rads.

    Anyways, no, is the short answer.
  4. You could externally mount a 360mm rad off the back, and have a slim 240mm rad on the top (if the spacing between the two top fans is right for a rad, sometimes they are not) and then cool your CPU, and 2xGPU's in one loop. Mount the pump in a 5.25" dual bay res, and sit your CD/DVD drive one top of that... as long as you dont need a fan controller, it would work.

    Edit: Didn't notice that OP wanted it completely internal... However the off-the-back-rad is still a good solution IMO.
  5. All inside the case? No.

    Inside and out like you described...yes. :)
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