Difference between sapphire 6870s

New egg has at least 3 different 6870s and im wondering what the difference is because one is 175 and the other two are 200.

Im trying to stay in the 160$ range so im deciding between the msi hawk n460gtx (168 shipped after 10 newegg coupon) vs the sapphire 6870 3l, not the flex or vapor (165 after new egg coupon). ill be running the card at 1920x1200
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  1. the difference is the vapor-x and flex have mini display ports, the other one don't.
  2. +1^ that's one difference . however the biggest difference is the $200 one has a branded cooler (vapor x) which means its going to be quieter and it will be cooler.when you add more voltage to the card for a better overclock it will help a lot . gigabyte also has one its called wind force. i don't recommend it if you're on a budget.
  3. and the flex allows you to have three dvi monitors for an eyefinity setup.but thats not going to work well on 1 6870 when gaming on high settings.
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