Raid 0 on P55 under windows XP

I noticed the p55 boards come with no floppy A. How or can you set up the raid 0 without the raid drivers needed during install provided via the floppy disk.
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  1. One method is to "Slipstream" your XP install disk with the required drivers.

    Works great - did it with mine, Integrated service pak 2 and 3, Plus the raid drivers with a pre service pack xp install disk.

    Google "slipstream". Here is one method:
  2. Thanks for the tip, much appreciated
  3. I think some of the P55 boards still have a FDD connector - Mine does (Gigabytye P55-UM4P) AND olso have a connectors for a serial/parallel port (have to add a bracket to the outside world).
  4. Put the drivers on bootable usb
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