Possible 920 stability issues

i bought a phenom x4 920 and a different heatsink in june. i overclocked it to 3.4ghz (fsb in my bios) and never kept it any higher cause i couldnt up the voltage and keep low enough temps. about a week ago my computer began randomly restarting itself anywhere between 5min to 5 hours of being on. i turned of the overclock and it still happens. i put in my old processor and ran prime95 for 15 min with no problems and then diid the same with the 920 and still had no problems but an hour and a half later it rebooted its self. the temps on my processor have never been above 62 which is the "recomended" highest temp on the amd site. how can i make this stop?
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  1. you need Ran Prime95 minimal 4 hour for to know stable or not. if you get ramdom BSOD like 0x0000000124 raise your Vcore.
  2. when i first got the processor and was overclocking it i was running prime 95 for like 30 min and then decided that it was probably stable enough(bit of a noob decision i know) but there has to be some other reason as to why i havent had this problem for like 3 month and now its suddenly rebooting at random times?
  3. because .. you does not enough time to ran at Prime95, i think if you use Intelburntest in 10minutes you will get BOSD :D
  4. my computer finnaly decided to give me a bsod insted of just rebooting and after looking at some fourms i got the only idea that could aply to me and i just move the ramm to different slots.i also just ran intelburntest for about 15 min (maximum stress level and ran 5 times, threads set to auto) with no probs. ill tell ya if i see any more random reboots.
  5. intelburn test need ran at 20times and maximum RAM , it can say stable
    just my assuming BSOD 0x000000124 / 0x00000050B
  6. still reboots without any bsod or error codes to speak of.
  7. O, n the only time its given me a bsod it said something like"system service exeption" and 0000003b
    The SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION bug check has a value of 0x0000003B. This indicates that an exception happened while executing a routine that transitions from non-privileged code to privileged code.
    This error has been linked to excessive paged pool usage and may occur due to user-mode graphics drivers crossing over and passing bad data to the kernel code.
    It appears that you may have to use a restore point to before you performed those installs.

    First :
    - Go default, test your RAM with ran memtest86+ wait finish and [see result] error /no error ?
    - if Ram clear Loosen / Relax timming RAM and Increase Voltage RAM try at 1.6
  9. just ran intelburntest 20 times like u said, and then about 10 minutes after the test succefully ended without any errors i got another random reboot with no bsod to give me any specific errors
  10. still have issue go defaut or clear Cmos
  11. i did that and well... heres a time line of my computers restarts

    2:03 - 2:37
    2:37 - 2:46
    2:49 - 7:58
    7:58 - 8:02
    8:02 - now(its been 10 minutes so far)

    its rebooted during tf2, sc2, watching a youtube video, have a notpad document up, and even while doing absolutly nothing. im considering ripping this computer in half if it happens one more time especially while doing homework that i have no chance to save half the time because theres absoutly no warning of these restarts
  12. unistall driver sound and vga and then reinstall again
  13. i took my computer completly out of the case and its been on for 24 hours straight with no restarts
  14. yea i put it back in the case after the computer runing for about 36 hours without any restarts and then it only lasted 4 hours before restarting again. soooo nvm, its not an over clocking problem
  15. Problem hdd cable .. I think
  16. i found it, its the crappy logisys psu thats causing my problems.
  17. It's too strange and hard to believe if the case is causing it, two things matter in the case is the AIRFLOW and short circuit, could be the PSU to OVERHEAT and drop votage it will poor power and make bsod error or motherboard overheat, that appears when you remove and reasembly in out case, make it all clear. then surely you need a good case and here we can only hope all doing well. Good luck brother.
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