Need Equivalent Board

I need an equivalent motherboard of INTEL DG41KR in Gigabyte or in Asus.
And it should preferably be an ATX.
Thank u..
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  1. To get an hdmi port, you'll have to go with a micro atx board. Newegg has a foxconn G41M-s for only $64 shipped; it has 4 memory slots. For atx without the hdmi port, checkout the Biostar T41 HD, the only atx board with onboard video at newegg for socket 775 and ddr2. But it only has 2 memory slots.
  2. What are you looking for in a motherboard?
    What CPU do you have? Do you need an equivalent or would any socket 775 board work?
  3. INTEL Core2Duo E7500.
    Can't i get a board with HDMI / DVI ,DDR3 and ATX?
  4. Here's a micro atx board with 2 ddr3 slots and hdmi port: asus P5G43T-M Pro for $86.97 shipped at newegg. No atx boards with hdmi port. The x48 boards are atx; you can get a video card with them that comes with an hdmi port for around $60.
  5. thank u for ur answers
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