Gigabyte X58 UD4P

Hello everyone

Don’t mind the spelling – and grammatical mistakes, English is not my mothertongue ;)

These issues have been ‘partly’ discussed in other threads but no-one responds there anymore and the issue of the threadstarter wasn’t 100 % my issue.

To the point, I have two problems:
1/ First, I have Corsair 1333 MHz memory and when I boot, my PC says it is running at 1066 MHz, the default value. I have not find a manual to adjust this in my BIOS. I am not a computer expert; I have read a lot about adjusting it but nothing says how I have to do this and what I exactly have to change in BIOS ... .

2/ Second, my PC often 'reboots' while starting up, by which I mean I start the PC, everything is fine untill the screen says something about Memory frequency 1066 MHz, then memory testing OK and then POOF ... the PC restarts. Everything is fine the second time it boots. This happens only when the PC has been off, never when I reboot.

However … I haven't had a single crash in Windows, the system is stable as a rock (most stable system I ever had as a matter of fact! :) ). I have done these tests to exclude parts of my hardware:
- Memtest: runs with 0 errors for 14 hours (however, as mentioned before, memory runs at 1066 MHz while it is designed to run at 1333 MHz …)
- Test my HD’s with HDtune: 100 % OK
- CPU tested with IntelBurntest for a long time, also Prime95 done all the tests: 100 % OK
- Futuremark, 3DMark, Furmark … to test the gfx-card: 100 % OK
- Temperatures of GPU, CPU, … all well within limits (idle and stressed of course)
- Stand-by mode works perfectly
- …

To sum it up, I have tested everything I can think off and everything is ok.

My motherboard is under warranty so I can change it, but since everything is super fine apart from the fact it sometimes boots 2 times when I do a ‘cold’ boot. Perhaps I can get a motherboard that does not dual boot but has no good stability and that would be a REAL problem imho.

Can I resolve these issues?

And is the ‘dual-boot’ issue a serious problem or not?

My specs:
Antec P182 - Corsair 620 HX power supply - Intel i920 D0-stepping (@ stock), - Gigabyte X58 UDP4 - Scythe Mugen 2 processor cooler - 3 x 2 Gb DDR3 Corsair 1333 MHz - Asus GTX 275 video card - 1 WD Caviar Green + 1 WD Caviar Black - Samsung 2433BW (1920 x 1200) monitor - Logitech G5 Lasermouse - Logitech standard keyboard - OS: WinXp 32 bit (3,2 Gb RAM used)

Thank you very much everyone!

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  1. Memory settings are usually set on 'auto' in the BIOS. You can change it to manual, and then set the speed, timings, and voltage to the manufacturer's specifications.
  2. Thank you for your answer. I have adjusted everything according to the RAM's specifications; the memory now works on 1333 MHz. I have done some stability tests and everything runs fine.

    However ... I still have that dual boot sometimes! And as a matter of fact, sometimes it boots 3 times (happend 2 times)! This happened one time before I adjusted memory settings and one time after, so I don't think it has anything to do with that ... .

    This isn't a 'real' problem perhaps, but it is annoying and I am afraid that it harms my computer ... .

    I do wonder if anyone else has or had this problem and if they could fix it?

    Any other suggestions would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. When it restarts, does it go through the POST sequence and memory check all over again?
  4. Yes it does.
  5. You could try booting with the basic hardware and see if it's still happening.
  6. I will try booting without the printer. I have connected beside that: keyboard, mouse, speakers; that's it ... .
  7. Any add on PCI cards?
  8. First, thank you for your very fast response, aford10 :)

    Nope, none. My specs are in the first post.

    By the way: yesterday played Half Life 2, Fallout 2 for 5 hourse, did memtest 2 hours, tested my system with Prime 95 for one hour etc ... this pc is rock stable ... :(
  9. It sounds like your windows install is fine.

    I'm thinking more along the lines of the boot sequence, and what is initializing at that time. It depends on the system, but after the memory check, a lot of BIOSs will start checking COM/LPT ports and other plug n' play devices.
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