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Motherboard – Asus Rampage extreme -

CPU – Intel E8400 Rer. E0 - – VID indentified by CoreTemp, is 1.25 V.

Mem – OCZ Reaper PC3-12800 - - as you can see in the OCZ Website, it says 7-7-7-24 @ 1.7 V., but in my mems, it says 7-7-7 @ 1.9 V., so I specified in my board settings 7-7-7-24 @ 1.9 V.

Card – Gainward HD 4870 1GB DDR5 - - Couldn’t find it on Gainward Website.

Hi all!

My name is Hugo, and I’ve been trying for a long time before asking for help, as I’m doing right now, to put this setup working. I’ve been reading lots of forums, tech reviews and explanations, everything I can find, but I can’t pass the setup I have right now, if someone could help, I’d be grateful.

This is my current setup:

CPU Configuration:

C1E Support – Disable
CPU TM Function – Enable
Max CPUID Value Limit – Enable
Vanderpool Technology – Enable
Execute Disable Bit – Enable
Core Multi-Processing – Enable

Extreme Tweaker:

Ai Overclock Tuner – Manual
OC From CPU Level Up – AUTO
OC From Memory Level Up – AUTO
FSB Frequency – 375
CPU Ratio Setting – 09.0
CPU Clock Skew – AUTO
NB Clock Skew – AUTO
FSB Strap To North Bridge – 400MHz
PCIE Frequency – 100
DRAM Frequency – DDR3 – 1500MHz
DRAM Command Rate – 2N
DRAM Timing Control – Manual
CAS# Latency – 7
RAS# To CAS# Delay – 7
RAS# Pre Time – 7
RAS# ACT Time – 24
All other memory settings – AUTO
DRAM Static Read Control – AUTO
Ai Clock Twister – AUTO
Ai Transaction Booster – AUTO


CPU Voltage – 1.18x
Load-Line Calibration – Enable
CPU PLL Voltage – (min.)
FSB Termination Voltage – (min.)
CPU GTLVref (0) – AUTO
CPU GTLVref (1) – AUTO
CPU GTLVref (2) – AUTO
CPU GTLVref (3) – AUTO
North Bridge Voltage – (min.)
DRAM Voltage – 1.9x
DDR3 ChannelA Vref – AUTO
DDR3 ChannelB Vref – AUTO
South Bridge 1.5 Voltage – 1.5 (min.)
South Bridge 1.05 Voltage – 1.06 (min.)
CPU Spread Spectrum – Disable
PCIE Spread Spectrum – Disable

These are the lowest settings (voltages) i found stable for this setup, Prime 95 for 24h.
My objective is to run the memory at stock level, 1600MHz, but I’ve tried everything, voltages up an down and I can’t find a stable setup, or BSOD or Prime 95 fails. Can anyone help me?

Thank you very much,

Best Regards,

Hugo Marreiros
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  1. I'm not sure what you are asking, here are the settings reported by CPU-Z for my workstation:
    Core Voltage 1.312V
    Bus speed 400MHz
    Core Speed 3800MHz

    Memory (Corsair CM2X2048-6400C5 PC2-6400
    DRAM Frequency 400MHz
    FSB:DRAM 1:1
    timings 5,5,5,18
    Voltage 1.8V
  2. Hi, that's not really what i was asking, because you're running ddr2, and it's a lot diferrent from ddr3...

    Thank you anyway..
  3. Hello Hugo and welcome to Toms. :)

    Under CPU Configuration I Disable everthing except Thermo throttling.

    Just because your M/BD puts your memory at 1.9V does not mean that is where it should be set. I also use OCZ memory and set it to what OCZ calls for and it works fine. ASUS M/BDs tend to raise voltages from what you set in any of the sections in the BIOS. I set a voltage (only 1 at a time) then restart and go back in BIOS hardware temp/volt readings to see what they really are then in the OP/SYS use CPU-Z to see what my Vc is at idle and then under load. It will drop under load and that is normal.

    Under Extreme Tweaker I can run my ram Linked and Sync. to my CPU so that as I raise my FSB my memory increases as well. In your case if you got your FSB to 400MHz you would have 3.6MHz OC and your memory would be running at 1600. You would need to probably raise all or some of the following, Vc, PLL, VTT and NB V to accomindate that OC.

    My current clock is 3.83MHz (Q9550) for a 24/7 safe OC.

    I use CPU-Z and Real Temp as well as Core Temp to monitor everything.

    Also I do not Enable LLC with the OC'n I do as the 775 platform was designed to work with vDroop. Your Vc for CPU looks really good @ your current clock. By the way you can go up to 1.3625 Vc for your CPU and still be within Intels specs. I have had my CPU over 1.45Vc and it still lives today.

    Last but not least, what kind of HSF are you using for your CPU and what are your temps. You should stay below 72.4C under load. I try to run no higher than mid 60sC on air.

    Hope this helps some. :sol:
  4. Intel's maximum recommended voltage for the 45 nm CPU's is 1.45 volts. page 17.
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