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Has anyone else had problems with reciecing a warranty replacement drive from Seagate?
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  1. pilotman said:
    Has anyone else had problems with receiving a warranty replacement drive from Seagate?

    Just to clarify, I sent my defective Barracuda 7200 1TB drive back to Seagate after receiving a RMA number and warranty validation. I satisfied all their difficult packing and return requirements and sent it back via UPS. I received confirmation that they received the drive at their warehouse on 4/25/11 at 12:33pm from UPS. It was signed for by a warehouse employee. After a week of noticing that their warehouse had not received the drive I made a call to their customer support on Friday, 4/29/11. They told me they were having warehouse problems and that my replacement drive would ship on Monday, 5/2/11 as their warehouse didn't ship anything out after 11:00am CT (They only work a half day?). After not receiving a confirmation email by 2:30pm PT on Monday, I made another call to customer support and spoke with a supervisor named Mark who promised me that the drive would ship on Tuesday 5/3/11 next day air. I called again on Tuesday, 5/3/11 (today) at 1:00pm PT and Mark told me the drive did not ship again and he didn't know when it would ship. I now am going to buy another drive to replace my Seagate (It most certainly will not be a Seagate or Maxtor) because I have no idea if I will ever receive a replacement drive from Seagate. This type of customer service is absolutely unacceptable. We spend our hard earned money buying products from a company we trust. When they perform this way, I lose all confidence in their ability to provide acceptable service but also in how their product is being manufactured, after all mine did fail. Do we want to trust our precious data to a company that acts this way? I think not. Be forewarned!
  2. Here is an update to this issue. The problem only gets worse. Yesterday, Tuesday, 5/3/11, I finally received a tracking number for UPS from Seagate. I checked the UPS website and the tracking number was not valid. I thought well maybe they got a tracking number but didn't physically ship the drive yet. Today, Wednesday, 5/4/11, I called Seagate customer service and they told me that they saw the same information from UPS that I saw, that the tracking number was invalid. Again, my lack of confidence in Seagate Customer Service to do anything right is reaffirmed. I still don't believe I will ever receive my replacement drive from Seagate. It's a shame and almost criminal in my mind that I paid $100 for a hard drive that Seagate now has and I have nothing.
  3. Thanks for keeping us updated. I've never had to return a seagate drive so I'm curious as to how this is taken care of.

    I have used WD's return service before (about 6 years ago) and I got my drive back within 10 days of them receiving the defective drive.

    It's only been 9 days since they received your drive, but so far it seems typical. Also, remember, they use business day as most nothing ships on weekends unless you pay extra to expidite delivery.
  4. Thanks Hawkeye22 for sharing your experience with WD. I wouldn't be so concerned about the time it takes if the sequence of events had been different. When someone tells me something, I take them at their word, until proven differently. In this case I was given false information several times. The left hand had no idea what the right hand was doing. I do believe I will get my drive, eventually... but the process was a very poor experience. I expect better from a company that has been around as long as Seagate has.
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