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Changing motherboard logo screen

Last response: in Motherboards
January 22, 2010 5:31:46 PM

On my computer, i'm kinda getting annoyed because when I turn on my computer, it comes up to a screen that says the motherboard name and graphics logo. I customized every other part of the computer and want to customize this screen. I have the newest firmware to the BIOS (In case anyone is wondering). Does anyone know how to change that screen?

my mother board is : ASUS P5GC-MX

January 22, 2010 8:48:32 PM

Why do you want to change it when you can just disable it. It will save you 1 or 2 seconds on POST. I want my computer to boot up fast so I disable everything I don't need, which includes second NIC, IDE controller, Floppy, secondary Sata controller, SAS controller, firewire, parallel port, serial port, Express Gate, .... My computer takes about 7 seconds to post, then another 10~11 seconds for my desktop to completely load.