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On my computer, i'm kinda getting annoyed because when I turn on my computer, it comes up to a screen that says the motherboard name and graphics logo. I customized every other part of the computer and want to customize this screen. I have the newest firmware to the BIOS (In case anyone is wondering). Does anyone know how to change that screen?

my mother board is : ASUS P5GC-MX
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  1. That board has an AMI BIOS you would either use AMI BIOS modding s/w to extract, edit and reinsert your custom logo or if your Asus board supports Asus MyLogo, use that
  2. Why do you want to change it when you can just disable it. It will save you 1 or 2 seconds on POST. I want my computer to boot up fast so I disable everything I don't need, which includes second NIC, IDE controller, Floppy, secondary Sata controller, SAS controller, firewire, parallel port, serial port, Express Gate, .... My computer takes about 7 seconds to post, then another 10~11 seconds for my desktop to completely load.
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