TF2 Keeps Crashing

Posted up in the game forums, but seems like it might be better suited to post it here also.

Well, for some reason TF2 keeps crashing, Other source games seem to run fine, along with WoW and ST IV, STALKER:CS to name a few. TF2 use to run fine for around 8 months.

My specs are as followed:
C2D e8400
2gb Corsair Dominator 1066mhz
x2 160 WD in Raid 0
PNY 8800gt
Thermal take 850w

Running TF2 on high settings, no motion blur no AA and x2 AF, 1400x900 in windowed mode.

Temps don't seem to be the problem, my CPU is at around 46c load, my 8800gt hits about 66c load. When it crashes it seems to get artifacts or visual errors, like splices in the screen or as if someone shattered the monitor, no BSOD and it freezes the entire computer.
Also Reformatted computer, and still same error
I'm running in the background a few web pages, Utorrent (throttled to give bandwidth to games) Steam, and Magic Disc.

Any help or suggestions would be awesome, cause I'm sure out of Ideas
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  1. Someone got to have some idea D:
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