Low profile pcie 2.0 card...suggestions

I have a dell optiplex 755 sff and need a good low profile card.pcie 2.0 please,any suggestions!!!!!!!!
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  1. what would be the use, gaming, video editing, dual monitors, upgrade for web surfing?
  2. medium gaming.....small amounts of video editing!
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  4. thanks now i found a good one at a great price...thanks 505090
  5. Could you specify what the card was. I've just bought a Galaxy 9600gt low profile card thatis too long to fit with the passive heat sink fitted in the factory.

    Where any further mods to the box needed in order to fit your card?

  6. passive heatsinks are a lot larger than active ones you will either have to look up the dimensions from the manuatrurer to find one that fits, and that applies even to tower cases. Or select one with an active heatsink. Further passive heatsinks ONLY work in cases with adequate airflow, which i doubt you have in a low profile case.
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