Memory Issue with MSI G31M3 V2

I recently purchased a G31M3 V2 board to replace a bad ASUS board for my system. Im running an intel Intel Core 2 Duo E6420 Conroe with Patriot 2GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 667. I have 4GB total installed but my RAM is only showing 2GB installed and after investigating found that each stick is only running at half capacity. I'm getting this on both the BIOS and Windows XP 32bit.

Is this a board limitation or do I need to change a setting?
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  1. What's the part number of the memory modules? Are you sure that you have a 4GB and not a 2 GB kit?
  2. I'm pretty sure it's 4G total but so you can check the part# is PSD22G6672.

    BTW thanks for the quick reply. Likewise I'm somewhat new to using forums, despite having built about 10 pcs now, so if I'm missing any useful info please let me know.
  3. They are 2GB modules. Are they dual-sided (16 ICs) or single-sided (8 ICs)?
  4. dual sided (2 x 1gb)
  5. What do you mean by dual sided (2 x 1gb)? Can you return them and buy modules that are certified to work with your motherboard?
  6. I mean by dual sided that they have 16 chips total, 8 on each side and the specs on the stick itself says 2 x 1gb. Shame I can't post a pic of the sticks and could show you exactly what I mean. If you look for that model on Newegg you can see what I mean but it really doesn't state in the specs are 2 x 1gb.

    Unfortunately I can't return the RAM but I can return the board which is what I'm considering because I the total amount of RAM worked before. However like you state I never actually looked to see if these particular Patriot sticks are certified to work with this MSI board. Just never really had issues with certain brands of RAM not working with certain mainboards before.
  7. I understand what you mean. Hopefully you'll get another motherboard that recognizes your RAM. Is there a newer BIOS available for the G31M3 V2? If so, I'd give that a try as it might resolve the issue.
  8. Yeah I actually spoke with a friend who said he found something about a new version of the bios which I may give a try. I'm actually getting a message on POST stating the board is not compatible with this particular intel CPU although MSI shows it as compatible on their website so looks like I may be taking this thing back apart and back anyway...regardless thank you much for the help!
  9. GhislainG, thank you for all your help in regards to this. Although painful to admit, I have to say I think I took a stupid pill the day I wrote on this forum :(

    After investigating a little further I found that I was actually looking at the wrong PC build I did and the information I listed for specs was totally incorrect. The system I have did in fact only have 2G of memory becuase well that's what the sticks are.

    Sorry for wasting your time and thank you again for your help. Any harrassing I recieve for this I fully deserve because I have answered forums in the past where people did this same thing and I thought "what an idiot" and now the shoe is on the other foot ha.
  10. It's easy to get confused between 2GB kits and 2GB modules.
  11. Well I appreciate you being modest, but like I said I think I took a stupid pill or lack of attention pill anyway. I've built several systems in the past few years and when I was looking at my specs I looked at the wrong build in my invoice history at Newegg. The scary part is that I just got real lucky and just so happened to buy a mobo that was compatible with the same cpu from both builds.

    Thanks again!
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