XP hangs at "applying computer settings"

After installing Cisco AnyConnect Start Before Logon (SBL) , XP machine now has three added "tasks" (applying network settings, applying computer settings, running computer scripts) BEFORE the logon screen appears . There is a long 3 minute delay at "applying computer settings" BEFORE the logon screen even appears. removing the Cisco ANyConnect SBL and then removing the Cisco ANyconnect software completely still has the 3 mintue delay "applying computer settings". The three "tasks" do not go away. A Machine that does NOT have the Cisco SBL added does not exhibit this behavior. it takes a clean machine less than 15 seconds to present the logon screen
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  1. Are you logging into the XP machine with admin rights? Try logging in as "administrator"
    Does this happen with any user who tries to log into that pc?
  2. yes, it does not matter what user logs in (administrator or administrator equivalent), b/c the delay sequence is PRIOR to even being presented with the "cntrl+alt+del" logon screen. Appears that the Cisco AnyConnect SBL inserted itself, and i'm not sure how to get rid of it. I've gone through the registry and deleted every occurnace of AnyConnect, but that didnt help. It also doesn't matter if the machine is connected dirently ON a network or if there is no network connected.
  3. Did you use a homegrown .msi package made at your company?
    If possible, I would use microsoft's msi uninstaller prorgram utility to uninstal.
    I would also make sure that any "msi "source"" storage directory on the local hard drive is deleted. Reboot.
    Run a manual setup.exe for the Cisco software that you mentioned.
    I worked in Desktop Support for 11 years and some of home made .msi setup programs would not work correctly on some computers, but a manual installation on the same pc would work.
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