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My recently upgraded custom built computer has started showing very high heat readings for both the graphics card and the CPU. Running Crysis 2 bumps up the temps from 40 C to 98 C for my GTX 460. As for my i5 2500k, It idles around 42 C and can reach up to 95 C during gameplay. I have three built in fans in my case, in addition to the CPU heatsink, GPU fan, and PSU fan.

I am extremely worried about these temps, and have done some cord management and used EVGA precision to turn the GPU fan speed. None of the solutions I have tried seem to be lowering these temps, and I am hoping I can successfully fix this problem somehow. Any suggestions you have would be much appreciated!
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  1. Those temps do seem pretty high! Much higher than what would be considered "ideal".

    Have you overclocked anything at all, CPU? GPU?
    What case are you using?
    Hows your cable management?
    Are all of the case fans working? Are all of the component fans working?

    Finally id recommend downloading HWMonitor if you dont already have it. This will check all your temps and show at what speed your GPU and CPU fans are running.
  2. Nothing in the computer has been overclocked.
    The case I am using is a NZXT Guardian 921.
    I have zip tied the cables away from the fans and made sure they were not obstructing any of them.
    Every fan has been working including the component fans, although I have not checked to see how fast they are running.
  3. Are you using Core Temp to measure the CPU temps? Some other programs do not read the temps properly.

    That's quite a delta on the CPU so I'd suspect either the heatsink needs to be re-seated or the case airflow is lacking unless your room ambient temp is quite high. What HSF are you using on the CPU? Have you tried removing the case side panel to see if the temps decrease or increase?
  4. I was using Core Temp to measure the CPU temp, but I also tried Real Temp and it gave the same readings.

    I may possibly be the heatsink, and I will try to reseat it, or buy a new one instead of using the stock intel heatsink. Thank you for the suggestions and I will try and see if they will work.
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