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Hi everyone. My name is Jon, and I have been browsing this forum and came to the conclusion that there is some good advice to be had. I am currently in the market for a new PC. I know that building your own saves some coin in the long run, and while I don't know how to put them together, I have a buddy who builds them professionally and would walk me through the steps with this one.

My current machine is very old; in fact, it's around 5 years. It has a an NVIDIA GT6600 as its vid card, and the processor is an Athlon.

I am a gamer at heart, but would like to have something that I can use for professional means as well. I am a teacher, and I use quite a bit of multimedia applications. My budget is anywhere from $1000-$2000; obviously the cheaper the better, but I want the best system possible. Additionally, I will need everything aside from a mouse and keyboard. This includes a monitor, OS, etc. All for the aforementioned price range.

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: sooner rather than later; hopefully within the week

BUDGET RANGE: US $1000-2000

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: gaming, surfing the net, movies, music storage

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard and mouse


PARTS PREFERENCES: Intel processors and Intel compliant parts, please

OVERCLOCKING: maybe; don't know how

MONITOR RESOLUTION: preferrably 1900 x 1200

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: want to make sure it keeps cool; needs to be upgrade ready as time passes; want it to be able to perform very well
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  1. Looks like a pretty sweet setup.

    I think if I wanna go with one vid card, I'd like to have at least 1 GB. I was looking at the Radeon 4890 1 GB. The buddy that is helping me build the PC said it's one of the best cards out there if you're not going to utilize dual.

    Other than that, I am very pleased.
  2. Looks like you've made some nice choices. If you are planning on adding another GPU in the future, then that PSU is OK, but if not, that's a lot of extra power that you probably don't need.

    Good choices. Enjoy the build.
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