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Hi All,
ASUS P7P55D Deluxe Motherboard Reversion 1.06G (old bios Ver 0504) , Intel I5 750 CPU, 1000 Watt power supply, ATI Radeon HD 5770 1GB Video card, 6GB OCZ OCZ3G1333LV6GK memory Windows 7 Pro 64.. After two days got the system up and working GREAT... Then I went to ASUS website and downloaded motherboard updates... The first one I installed was the BIOS VER 1207 after that hard to reboot system
and THEN WINDOWS STOPPED !!! "Screen said that where had been a hardware change etc." I rebooted and went into BIOS, was my new Ver 1207 was there and reset the bios to basic boot-up.. Windows still wouldn't boot, tried to re-install and would only get the "Windows is starting screen " and nothing... Shout down system and reset cmos to see if that would help......... N O W !!! can't post past VIDEO, Red Led on a video and I have no monitor.... The video is ok as i tried it in another system... CPU, and memory are fine but MOBO woun't post past VIDEO.. H E L P !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :fou: :cry: :fou:
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    Never EVER update a bios unless there's a specific reason for doing so such as cpu support. You dont just do it for the heck of it as some people here suggest every single day.

    You may need to RMA the motherboard. I can't help you because this has never happened to me. I would pull the cmos battery for a hour or so and then try to reboot and go back to the old bios or do a windows repair.

    Yep, Was having trouble trying to overclock and couldn't save... Main reason for update... But I think I found the real problem as when I took of the cooler to send the board back I noticed that the lower left screw hole on the underside of the board where the nut was attached had scratched one of the circut lines.. THE circut line is about a 32nd of an inch from that hole!!!!
    WHAT A PLACE TO PUT !!!! Tell anyone installing a cooler to WATCH OUT !!! for the top right and bottom left cooler screw hole
    connections. As they are both way to close to the holes... Hope I didn't kill the warrentee :cry: as I just sent it back to ASUS..
    Thank you for your reply.. Although, I've updated over 200 mobo BIOS's till now and have never had a problem.
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