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I have purchased a Precision M6400 with a core 2 extreme, 4 gigs of ram and an nvidia quadro 3700M 1 Gig video card running Windows XP. This machine will not play any video games at all. I have tried playing Warhammer, Star Trek Legacy, Cross Fire, Battlefield 2 and Command and Conquer Generals. All of the games will crash the computer. I get a black screen and a locked up computer. The only way to get out is to hold down the power button. The driver I am using is the 185.xx which is the performance driver from nvidia. Dell has sent me a replacement laptop but it does the same thing on video games. Everything else I do on this laptop though is great. It is very fast and Cad drawing look GREAT! Is there anything I can do or try to get this to play video games?
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  1. A Quadro will not play games well, as you well know.
    You would need a mobile gaming card in your laptop to play games.
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