GTS 250 55nm? 512mb or 1gb?

im playing at 1440x900. I play GRID, 2k9, red alert 3 as of the moment. I plan to play on the latest and greatest fps games out there soon, but definitely, i wont play gta4 because i only have an E5300 processor. 512mb or 1gb?

also, are all gts 250 on 55nm already? why does gpu-z show it as 65nm?
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  1. at that res, you wont really need more than a 512mb card. your current graphics card is fine, i recomend a CPU upgrade though.

    im not sure, but i think theyre all 55nm.. have to ask an nvidia guy though, im not positive
  2. thanks for the reply. difference of the 512 and 1gb is $16. if you wna know..
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