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I have Core 2 Quad Q8200 with dg41rq motherboard with 4 gb ram and 1 gb nvidia 9500 graphic card . but it doesnt perform up to the mark . I feel there is something wrng .should i change the motherboard or is there any other way. help plz
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  1. Hello pac_03 and welcome to Toms. :)

    I would recommend a new build. There are a lot of great options out there now and some new platform releases are expected in the near future.

    Here is a LINK for you that shows the potiential to OC your CPU.

    If you are not up for a new build then upgrade your graphics card to a HD 6670 < $100.00 or GTS 450 just > $100.0. Both of those cards will show a performance boost on your PC thou may be bottle-nected by your CPU. These cards will need a PSU of 400 watts and 22 amp @12V mim. I would use a larger PSU if you think an upgrade is in the near future.

    Hope this helps. :sol:
  2. if i go for a new build . then what exactly should be there
  3. M/BD, CPU, RAM (4G mim), GPU, HDD, PSU and Win 7 at the very least assuming you can use your old case.
  4. sorry but I Know that a system require all that . Can you specify me the which to buy i mean company or model and which old parts i can use . and thanks for the help so far.
  5. How do you intend to use your PC, i.e.; order of importance of programs.

    Then a budget and if you prefer AMD or Intel.
  6. I am an animator and i have a bulk of software like maya , max , photoshop etc .
    and i can afford to go for 35000 rs approx $900
  7. This will take me some time to work out as I have to leave at this time. 11:32 PM my time.

    I will come back tomorrow and see if you have any responses and go from there.

    Good luck to you til then. :sleep:
  8. I have put together a parts list that does not include a PSU or case. I am hoping that you can reuse your case and your PSU (350 WATT mim.)

    I chose Intels 2600K CPU because it has Hyper-Threading. That means it is a Quad core with 4 Virtual cores; 8 in all! It has an unlocked mulitiplier which means if at some point you need more power it can be OC'd to 4500 MHz. However you need to know that these parts (RAM, PSU and cooling HSFU for your CPU are meant for stock operation. If you OC they would have to be upgraded.)

    I chose a Z68 M/BD because you can use a small SSD and large SATA HDD together and see at least double the speed of SATA HDD by it self. Some combinations are 4 times faster.

    The graphics card is designed for the applications you will be using as opposed to gaming.

    Some of the parts have a discount available til sometime this month only reducing the price you see a little more. LINK

    Hopes this works for you and good luck. :sol:
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