Cooler Master 840 ATCS Project

I've started the build for Cooler Master's media suite at 2010 CES. The D-9 concept was mine after seeing the movie.

I should know by first week of November what hardware CM will be sending me.

Conceptual drawing by E.E.L. Ambiense

Case Mods & Supplies used in this project by

Machined Aluminum Computer Case Feet Link

Acoustical Sound Proofing Sheets for your PC

Mnpctech is now stocking clear and colored sheets of cast acrylic for window mods

This is the Honeycomb Modders Mesh we used.

PC Cable management clamps

The canvas for this PC build is the Cooler Master 840 ATCS

Adding window to Cooler master 840 ATCS

Using tape roll to make curved corner

Make first initial cut with your Dremel and cutting wheel, to allow use of Jigsaw and cut the window more efficiently

You have created slot, this allows using a Jigsaw w/ 18 TPI cutting blade

Using a Jigsaw is much quicker than using a Dremel to cut your window
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  1. Use a rounded side file to debur the jagged edges of the new window

    Notice the window location doesn't reveal the drive bays, this was intentional.

  2. Upgrading the 840's stock 120mm exhaust fan to 140mm fan.

    Cooler Master 840 ATCS rear 120mm exhaust

    I'm holding up a 140mm Cooler Master fan over the stock 120mm grill. "Will it fit without anything obstructing it?"

    The location of the 140mm fan resides along the crease on the back plate.

    Making the initial cut with Rotary tool and reinforced cutting wheel before using Jigsaw

    Using Jigsaw with 18 TPI metal cutting blade

    Using rounded side hand file to clean up burrs along the edge of the cut.

    140mm opening is cleaned up, next is drilling mounting holes for 140mm fan

    vibration dampening fan grommets

    Using a 1/4" size drill bit to make the mounting holes, this allows the fan grommets to fit.

    Vibration dampening fan grommets installed.
  3. I really like the F-150 pick-up from District 9

    For the exhaust fan grill, I cannibalized an early Monsta Rad grill prototype we made this year.

  4. We've cnc milled the "District 9" design in the Cooler Master 840 aluminum intake plate. The recessed center portion will be the CM case badge

  5. I've cut the window from Lexan. It's tougher than plexiglass/acrylic, but 2 or 3 times more expensive. It won't shatter or crack "easily" You can buy Lexan sheets at Home Depot, Lowes and some hardware stores like Ace.

    The window will be fastened with 1/4" socket head screws, for reinforced armour look

    Using center punch to mark each fastener hole.

    Roper Whitney No. 5 Jr Hand Punch kit available here
    Hand punch (estimate $60 new)

    "Look Ma, No deburring needed!"

    The benefit of using Lexan is that you can drill or hand punch it without cracking it.

    Clean hole cut! I love Lexan.

    Ironically our concept drawing calls for bullet holes in the Lexan "bullet proof"
  6. Cooler Master's hardware list for their CES show display

    1 x Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 Wolfdale 3.16GHz 6MB L2 Cache LGA 775 65W Dual-Core Processor
    1 x Intel Extreme Series DX48BT2 X48 Motherboard
    1 x Silent Pro RS-600-AMBA-D3
    1 x CM MITX Cooler 38mm tall (will be replaced with future V series cooler)
    1 x Sapphire ATI Radeon 4870 512MB
    1 x 4GB DDR3 Kingston 1600mhz memory kit
    1 x WD 500GB HDD
    1 x DVD drive

    Silent Pro RS-600 Watt-AMBA-D3 PSU

    Are you a fan of the Black Ribbon power cables?

  7. The concept called for bullet holes in the window

    Using 3/8" drill bit

    Using wire cutter to make cracks around the hole

    Etching Rotary Tool (or Dremel) Engraving Bits

    Using the dremel to emulate some cracks
  8. I'm adding bullet holes to the case too, so I drilled holes in the 840's aluminum panel. I then used a tin snip and needle nose plier to cut and rip the 3/8" hole open

  9. Here is the front faceplate now

  10. CM is planning to show their new V-series cooler, they wouldn't reveal the model to me. I may rig a Cat Food can as cpu cooler, just for joke when they open the Cooler Master only sent 1 hard drive, so no sense in keeping the HD bay!

    Use 1/8" drill bit to remove HD bay

  11. 1/4" thick acrylic sheets will act as reinforced segments of the side panels.

    Heres a close up of the vertical blade cutting 1/4" acrylic sheet

    These edges are not acceptable

    Black & Decker Mouse Sander with Medium grit sandpaper

    Thats better!

    Starting on other side tonight, this side still needs exploded hole, and I need to get more 1/4" socket head screws. Those will be countersunk
  12. wow. Thats alot of work for a case mod. But very nice craftsmanship. I like
  13. i would be scared to crack that lexan
  14. Thank you, you should wear safety glasses. I can't cover up the bullet

    I used the Dremel with a cutting wheel to emulate impact to the reinforcement panel.

    Using Dremel with egraving bit to gouge the other bullet hole under the acrylic. A ventilation hole was added as well.

    Round Modders Mesh used as the ventilation grill in the left side panel.

    Scotch Weld DP-190 2 part epoxy is used to attach the Modders Mesh to the backside of the side panel
  15. Mwhahahah. I love cutting nasty holes in a nice computer cases.

    Something exploded in Christopher's computer at one time. He never bothered fixing the hole.

  16. 1/4" thick White acrylic sheet with District 9 sign will be the grill for 2x 200mm top fans

    We cnc milled the grill, but If you have custom laser cutting needs, I suggest contacting

  17. Today I worked on the acrylic plates for the right hand side panel. I used the barrel engraving bit to create cracks around the hole.

  18. Here is some screen shots taken from the movie trailer on Youtube. I think it's important to have the prawn canister implemented into the case. If Cooler Master had requested watercooling, it would been fun to make a reservoir based on the canister, but the system will be air cooled. We have some 2" diameter solid rod on hand we could use to re-create something close to it. I have some ideas, but want to have it my hands first before I commit to them.

  19. These are the diamond knurl machined aluminum case feet shown in the original concept. The 840 comes with feet, but these fit the industrial theme. The only modding necessary was drilling out the existing threaded holes with 3/16 drill bit for 8/32 screws included with diamond knurl feet.

    Diamond Knurl Computer Case Feet

  20. Very cool!
  21. Thanks Johnny! 2" diameter aluminum rod. The Prawn canister will illuminated from inside, and located in the 5.25 drive bay

  22. Started on the paint last night, White and Orange segments

    The "Pumpkin" Orange color was done first. The perimeter of the " exploded hole" will be airbrushed with a burned surface effect
  23. The Cooler Master 840 chassis painted with Semi-Gloss White
  24. ur a master of the lathe
  25. Thanks for comment! Once everything is assembled, all of the details like weathering, graphics, and effects can be airbrushed on the exterior like the concept drawing.

    Left side panel, the hole will have burned effect airbrushed on later

    Right side panel

    Cooler Master sent over 3x 230mm red led fans, 1x for front intake, 2x top exhaust

    The 840 normally comes with Black frame 230mm fans, no leds.
  26. I've had this .5" x 25" flexible conduit lying around, I've always wanted to use it for routing cables. It fits the industrial theme. I've also got .25" i.d. flexible conduit.

  27. I like the flexible conduit. Never thought of using metal conduit. I got some "chrome" flexible plastic conduit at my local Fry's Electronics store for a case mod last year. Last night I was at Home Depot and spotted black flexible plastic conduit dirt cheap. Would be great for a case with an all black interior.
  28. I agree, and have used it Johnny. I'm working on a HR GIGER biomechanical theme PC and used it on the bezel,

    Here is the Prawn canister from the movie.

    My canister will be lit with a 4" UV cold cathode, mounted on the inside wall of the back cover.

    Once it's painted and the window is darkened a bit, it should look eerie.

    canister back cover

    for canister window, I'm going to bend a piece of clear 1/8" thick case acrylic with a heat gun, but more on that later!

  29. Wow.... nice work. Btw, what did happen to the biomech case? Anyways, wish CM ordered a WCed PC. That canister would have made a perfect res, and would have been awesome with a tornado effect.
  30. I'm still looking for sponsorship of MB / CPU for that build.

    I made the canister's window today. Using a heat gun to bend the Lexan.

    Forming the arc in window by pressing heated piece on the Aluminum rod. It's HOT!

  31. 4" UV cold cathode.

    UV looks Blue in the photos

    The window will be painted to look murky, like the original canister

    The canister will be painted tommorow
  32. That canister looks sick! Btw, where did you get that Aluminum block for the canister?
  33. Thank you, It was 2" rod stock we had here already.

    Orange Bezel with White intake plate installed. I cannot wait to grunge it up!

  34. MM, just took a look at the case mod store, would you guys happen to have any radiator fan grills for 420 rads?
  35. No, but you can find them at Shadow :)

    I chose the 1/4" socket head screws, these are fastened into the side panels

  36. Looks amazing !

    Very nice job. Love it
  37. Thanks! The Prawn canister can't remain Silver. I prepped the aluminum surface with medium grit sandpaper, applied Black SEM self etching primer, then headed over to Brad's so he could apply the Pewter base color coat. Brad did all of the Prawn canister graphics by applying vinyl film and cutting the designs free hand with an Exacto, he used the movie still for reference. Look Ma, No vinyl film plotter or software!

    Prawn canister window was tinted like original

  38. Quote:
    Brad did all of the Prawn canister graphics by applying vinyl film and cutting the designs free hand with an Exacto, he used the movie still for reference. Look Ma, No vinyl film plotter or software!

    Now THAT'S just skill and balls. A small mistake could have ruined a lot of work....

    Anyways, thanks for the link, but there's only 4 or 5 grills for the 4x120 rads :cry: and non of them are exactly what I wanted. Looks like I gotta make on my self....
  39. D-i-y dude! :)

    While at the shop last night I cut some 1/8" thick mirrored acrylic sheets to encase the 5.25 bay around the canister location.

    I used the Scotch 4010 Heavy Duty Tape to adhere onto the mirrored acrylic


    Watch E.E.L. Embiense demonstrate how to use the Sophisticated Finishes products for adding a rust effect to your Mods.
  41. I think Christopher left his scrap PC out in the rain a few times. To create those results, I apply the Iron Surfacer to the top panel first, then the Rust Solution after 10 mins. I repeated these steps over different locations on the exterior. The more Rust Solution you apply, the more Orange colored effect you get.

  42. AW GEE! I liked the pretty colors and now you go and grunge everything! :)
  43. pretty colors + rust = cool

    There will be an MNU logo painted on this optical drive. Christopher likely traded something towards it, so he could view cd rom archived files from MNU perhaps?

    More rust effects occur..

    The new 600W Cooler Master Silent PRO didn't look right in a POS computer, it was treated to "rust lovin" as well.

  44. Quick question, according to copyright,etc laws can you actually use all these logos,etc from the film on a project like this?

    Anyways, great work, but I personally don't like that "rust" color?
  45. District-9 is a dirty place. I would have a hard time imagining this looking pristine.

    Intel Core 2 Duo 3.16 GHz Processor in Intel DX48BT2 Motherboard sent from Cooler Master.

    I'm looking at this Cooler Master HYPER N620 and wondering ""What Christopher do differently with it?"
  46. I wanted to direct the cooler air entering the front of the case to the cpu cooler. The 5.25 bay covers were removed to highlight the canister movie prop we made. It dawned on me that a fan duct could be mounted to a 120mm fan by modifying a 120mm round mesh fan grill. In the past, I would mold the fan duct into the front bezel with body filler, but this method is much easier and more versatile.

    This method can be combined with 4.5" flexible tubing to isolate cool airflow. Imagine one end of the tube attached to a 120mm cooling fan in front of your case.
    The 4.5" Flexible tubing can be found at Mcmaster, or you can "try" the "Heating & Cooling" department at hardware or home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowes.

    Supplies & Tools:
    120mm Modder's Mesh Round fan grill,
    4.5" fan duct,
    4, #10 x 5/8" fan screws,">#10 x 5/8" fan screws</a>
    120mm cooling fan.
    Paint pen or pencil.
    Tin snips.
    Wire cutter.

    120mm Modder's Mesh Round fan grill,

    4.5" fan duct,

    Using a paint pen to trace the duct onto the round mesh grill.

    a small wire cutter and Tin snips used to cut the 4.5" opening in the 120mm Modder's Mesh Round fan grill

    You'll need to use the small wire cutter first, to make the initial cut before you can use the Tin Snips to cut the 4.5" hole.

    Using Tin ship to cut the round mesh grill.

    The result of you cutting should look like this.

    120mm cooling fan. This fan has enclosed corners, you will need longer fan screws if you're mounting the fan onto something like a cpu cooler.

    4,, #10 x 5/8" fan screws</a>

  47. Yesterday I painted the 2x 120mm cooling fans from the Cooler Master HYPER N620, will post those photos soon!

    140mm Aerocool Fan for the exhaust, was also painted Matte White

    Fan Grill made from Round Modder's Mesh,
  48. Love it!

    Did you consider using the patina finish kit from Sophisticated Finishes in addition to their rust finish kit?
  49. ^ That's a good idea!

    @OP: Do you know where I can get 24x24" modder's mesh? The largest I'v seen is 24x12". After seeing your work here and other places, I thought I'd do a custom case too:
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