Is this built windows 64bit compatible?

I have never used windows 64 bit but I want to try out a windows 64 system:

Zalman CNPS9900 LED
Corsair Flash Voyager Mini 4GB
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit + Voucher
Intel? Core™ i7 920
Cooler Master Silent Pro M 600W
Zalman HD160 Plus
Alternate Raid 1 Configuratie
Sony Optiarc AD-7241S-0S
Asus P6T Deluxe V2 X58
Western Digital WD7501AALS
Western Digital WD7501AALS
OCZ 6 GB DDR3-1800 Tri-Kit
LCD Acer H243H(already have from the old system)

Any parts that is not windows 64 bit compatible and why, I'm totally new to windows 64 bit.
Any suggestions of changing parts is welcome, I want a HTPC because it reminds me of the old PC you can put your monitor on :o).
And I want to retrieve the old sata drives from my old system raid 0 or raid 1 if possible?
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  1. It will work fine with 64 bit windows, the only part that 64 bit windows requires for compatibility is a 64 bit processor, everything from the core2 series has been 64 bit(maybe even earlier) and AMD processors have be 64 bit for a long time.
  2. Dont get the Zalman fan, there are cheaper and better performing coolers.
  3. what fan is better and cheaper?
    I like the blue orb II from coolermaster or was it themalake? 10 euros cheaper in holland.
  4. Something like these :

    Xigmatek Dark Knight
    Rosewill Fort 120
    Scythe Mugen 2
    Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer (You need a 1366 rentention bracket)
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