Cpu/Motherboard running a bit hot while gaming

Hey all,

I recently decided to check my PC's temperatures; installed a program called CPUID Hardware Monitor. I tried looking up average temperatures for some of my components and it seemed as if they might be running a bit hot. I haven't had any issues YET, I simply was just curious as to how hot my PC was running.

Here are the results: I was curious as to exactly how hot these temperatures really are (ie will they cause damage to my machine), and what steps I should take to lower them.

Appreciate any help!

EDIT: Nothing is overclocked, these are all stock speeds. Forgot to mention that.
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  1. Having your cpu hit temps in the 80c range is a bit high. Under load, it should really stay under 60c or lower.
  2. Alright, how bad is it though? Is it just a bit high or will it cause permanent problems in the long run? I will try getting a can of compressed air to clean out some dust, and I actually ordered a fan for my side panel, maybe that will help.
  3. I'd try "Core Temp" to see if the temps are accurate as HW Monitor is not always accurate. If your room temp is warm this will increase the component temps.
  4. Alright I will check that out. It is a bit hot here, room temp is probably in the high 70s to mid 80s most days. I have no AC at my house, things will cool down by the end of the month though.
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    I think its teim to get a new cooler, or reapply your thermal compound
  6. haha, appreciate the meme. I'll definitely reapply thermal compound
  7. try and remove any dust build as well. if any, that always works. :D
  8. Just tried running a game, core temp is giving me readings at around 80c. No performance issues in the game though, everything runs fine except for this heat issue. It really is bothering me though, I need to find some way to bring it down.
  9. Alright, after getting rid of some of the dust in the heatsink, I'm getting around 70c'ish temps. Ordered some thermal component on Amazon, that should lower it even more. Thanks all.
  10. if possible try and add another fan to your case. it should help....i think
  11. So, I replaced my heatsink, and it dropped my temperatures down to below 40c while under load. Solved the problem, thanks!
  12. which heatsink did you buy?
  13. nice
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