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I've got a GIGABYTE GA-MA785GT-UD3H mb. I bought 2 mos. ago that's had the LAN chips blink out on me. Anyone know off the top what the return/repair process is for Gigabyte? Am I going to have to depend upon them refunding me while I buy a replacement, or are they going to make me wait without a mb. while they slowly replace it?

If I was certain that no other chips were going to blink out too, I'm prone to just keeping it with the current Intel LAN card I plugged in to get back online. God know it's probably better than the onboard chips anyway.

Anyway, I'd appreciate someone chipping in their own return experiences with Gigabyte.
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  1. Jeez - got a point there - I have no clue whether GB does 'cross-ships'... Might wanna ask at TweakTown - they have a rep - just don't go on about the RMA itself - it's forbidden!

  2. Going on? Verbodden?

    Guaranteed there'd be no cross-ship option--such are special cases in business.

    It was a general query. I'll take it to tweakers...
  3. Was very pleased when (well, not pleased to lose a drive, but) I lost a WD RE3 out of a RAID - took all of two-hundred seconds to: verify drive s/n was in warranty; file RMA; guarantee cross-ship w/cc number... Two mornings later, UPS guy rang bell & put drive on porch! Then, WD offered me a 2$ break on pre-paid return shipping as a bribe to use their printed return label, which must simplify the handling at their end... All in all, the best advertising they ever could have given me to keep buying their drives!
  4. interesting. love WD drives. my case is full of them. just retired my OS drive last week, a Samsung that was choking on bits after a mere 3 yrs. of use. all my WDs have been retired due to obsolescence, rather than fail.
  5. I just had a WD 20 gig die on me last year. Nice long life.

    Gigabyte does make you wait. They test it, BIOS flash it, test it again, and if it clears sends it back. If it doesn't they send you something else/or fix it. Personally, since it's a 3 years since manufacture date warranty I wouldn't bother sending it back unless something more major goes out on it. They do have nice knowledgeable tech support though.
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