Motherboard upgrade/OS (possible issue).

NOTE: Motherboard not found in drop down. This is a MSI board.

Upgrading the motherboard, and wonder if that would affect my OS? I am concerned that XP Pro will choke, but not sure. I think it will see it as a different machine.

I am told that I can do a "repair" with my Windows XP _Upgrade_ CD, or if I had to, even a full install. I do have a second drive with a XP Home on it. I had not got to formatting this drive and I am pretty much done migrating to the PRO version (the other drive).

Any direction or links would be apreciated too.


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    If your new msi board is a different chipset, all you can try is to boot up in safe mode, and load your new board device drivers using the cd that comes with motherboards. Then reboot and let windows try reloading all the board devices. You will have to reactivate windows, but the activation window should appear. Don't know if you will have to call microsoft or be able to activate online.
  2. I thought I was told that putting in my HDD;s with the OS's on wouldn't work. I just want to know one way or the other..

    I have and IDE 160 GB drive with XP Home. I bought a SATA 1.5 TB and upgraded the XP Home to XP Pro (using XP Pro Upgrade). I do not have but this one XP Pro Upgrade CD,

    I have now put in my MB/CPU/RAM. I am definanltly having problems. Had to change out the DIMMS. One bad and they were Corsairs made for Intel i5. Bought the ones I should (and would have, if the wife didn't press me to go so cheap), which are Patriots made for AMD. I did not even think it mattered. I have an OC board, so the cheaper ones stated it could OC to 1600 mhz. I thought that was a good thing.

    Now, I need to know, when I set the DVD abd IDE HDD in the proper Master/Slave orientation AND I put the SATA in one of the SATA cinnectors, I should be able to boot a bootable CD, Right? I do not care if I have clean install or what ever Windows XP Pro, using this upgrade. XP Home will still be on the UDE, and XP Pro will still be on the SATA. I should be able to do something productive, right?

    I just want thins thig to work. It all was expensive in money and now in time. :sarcastic:

    Thanks All!,
    Bar Jabba
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