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hey guys. new to the forums here. anyway im looking for a gpu boost. dont need a whole lot so im trying not to buy a new card. i only really play unreal tournament99, 2k4 and ut3. 99 and 2k4 run fine at maxed settings on my AIW HD. its ut3 i have to play on 800x600 and i'd like to boost that a little. so basically i have a the following...

biostar ta790gx
all in wonder hd
athlon x2 5600 2.9 ghz
4 gigs ram

i cant overclock my card.. tried it already using ati tools.. from what i've read it must be locked.. dunno, it was a first attempt at OC'ing for me
tried reading articles about hybrid crossfire.. from what i've read i cant use a 3600 series card.. my AIW HD is basically a HD 3650 with a tuner, but im sure anybody in a position to give me advice already knows that.

so simply put.. any advice that doesnt cost money? if so that would be great.. if not my next option is this..

i can get a HD 3650 1gb right now for $30.. will that run crossfire with a AIW HD since its the same chip? my AIW HD is 512mb tho and not 1gb..

if that doesnt work i might consider buying a HD 3870 for $60

all help and advice would greatly be appreciated.
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  1. Tell us about your power supply.
  2. Does the "all in wonder hd" have a Crossfire tab?
  3. i believe im useing a standard 420 watt power supply. i do not see a crossfire tab in CCC. but i remember reading the card is crossfire ready. also i can get a dedicated graphics card power supply for very cheap.. i think it was like $16 if i need one for CF.
  4. i thought this would be the place to come.. maybe i was wrong?
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