just got this board last week is it common for the boards last PCI slot not to work? It has 2 reg PCI slots on the bottom of the board i have a wireless card in one and was trying to put a sound card in the other but it seems to be getting no power because i tried the wireless card in the last slot and the lite did not even turn on and windows didnt find it is my motherboard defective or am i missing something?

its an GA EP45 UD3L
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  1. Um - I realize it's a dumb question, but have you installed the driver set on the included disk, and done the (obligatory) "Load Optimized Defaults" from the BIOS? The board doesn't know it has PCI slots until the chipset drivers are loaded...
  2. yes i installed all drivers for the motherboard ive been useing a wireless nic in it for a week and it works fine in the first PCI slot. Today i said WTH why not and tried to install my sound blaster audigiy 2 in the second PCI slot but it dosent work. I swaped the slots with the sound card in the first one and the wireless card in the second and the sound card was found by windows but then the wireless card dint work not even the lites came on the card. It looks like its simply not getting power to the last PCI slot on the board. I guess imma RMA it back to Newegg and try another maybe this one is defective.
  3. o well i just did an RMA hopefully the replacement wont have same problem
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