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Just a silly question, as I haven't built in three years now: is there a good online build guide someone can recommend? All the good hardware sites have recent articles detailing what parts they'd put into a late-model build, but no step by steps. (Even the RAM primer in this forum hasn't been updated for DDR3!)

I'll be in these forums with specific questions, I'm sure, but I really don't want to trust my i7 to "ehow" or some 90's era build guide.

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  1. The truth is that not much has changed . Computers are still modular , they still plug together .

    But I havent found a recent how to using modern components and it would be very useful for first time builders .
    I went loking for one not long ago and could even find one that showed a SATA hard drive
    Maybe someone else has had better luck , because it would be great to be able to refer first timers to a useful up to date site
  2. Thanks. I know not much has changed, but I just wanted something to check if I was missing anything.

    Next I'll be looking for a basic OC guide, since I haven't done that since my Pentium 2 400MHz machine back in the late nineties...
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    for OCing there are guides on this site .
    Look in the cpu section of the messageboard . There is a lot of good advice

    With the help of google I just found

    the guide at the bottom of the page isnt completely up to date , but the bits I have read so far are well written and very sensible
  4. Thanks for the tips! I'll be placing my order today, and will be back here soon!
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