DirectX11 ATI card is HERE!!!!

Ok so I live in the Dallas area and went to QuakeCon over the weekend. I was lucky enough to be one of the 100 who got to view the new DirectX11 card from ATI and play around with it. AWESOME!!!

Wolfenstein was great on it. But I love the new shading, and the new goodies that are being added with it. The media viewer was great, especially with the easy up/download features for facebook. I like how when you view the TV episodes, they are all playing..... so you can see what is going on and determine which is which.

Side note:
AMD put on a great showing all around at the con.... except 1 thing which I don't understand. Ok.... the swag they were giving out was a Phenom II x4 965 (30 at a time!!!!! How did I keep missing out?!), an ASUS MOBO, and an ASUS 4350 Graphics Card????? WTF? Oh well it was free......

Back to the topic on hand....
So I have no idea where in that 100 I was as they numbered official T-shirts were in no particular order (I got #71) but it was great to sit down, talk to the guys developping this stuff and be told we were free to record the whole thing if we wanted to.
They had a couple of presentations on renderring, shading, and Fps. Not bad but since the only active game they had to demo was Wolfenstein, I will hold back my judgement in how the games will improve really. There is alread a game in production where AMD (ok ATI if you MUST get technical) is taking an active role in helping with the codes and stuff.
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  1. The game is Dirt 2... BTW
  2. troool

    maybe not, but giving away 965's is kinda radical.
  3. yeah... well everyone was giving stuff away... cases, PSU's fans, MOBO's, I7's, Phenom II's, money, a new mustang GT 500.....

    How did I wind up with a numbered shirt and a breifcase looking thing??? GRRRRR! lol

    Plus all the free demo's and how to's and tourney's are fun too
  4. yeah, they need to come to MI lolz
  5. not to say i dont believe you but.... your story seems a wee bit far-fetched
  6. side note- woot apprentice lol

    They gave us numbered red shirts to prove who the "select" few were and invited us to post what we wished online.... just no pics of the card itself. Since they wouldn't let us open the cases that wasn't a problem.

    Oh and the cards codename is Evergreen.
  8. Giving away 965s Ahhhhhhhhhhh no fairs. I need an upgrade from my Athlon 5000+ and a free one would be great \^_^/

    Anyway I look forward to some actual reviews of the DX11 card. Kinda strange but in one of the articles it looks like they paired it with an Athlon II 250. I mean WTF?
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