Motherboard for Phenom II x4 955

hey people,

ok i am planning to get the phenom ii x4 955 but dont know which motheboard to get. i have read many many reviews about different motherboards but i dont know which one to get. many reviews said that the Asus m4a79xtd evo was a good motheboard for the x4 955 since its easy to overclock and all. i want to know whether the m4a79xtd evo will have the current bios for the phenom II x4 955. here is the motherboard link i want to get

my question to you guys is that will this motheboard be able to recognize the 955 or do i have to update the bios??
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  1. I'm not sure what your budget is, but this is a very good motherboard, in a combo with the AMD 955.

    If you do go with the model you picked, I wouldn't recommend an open box motherboard. You never know what you're going to get with them. They could be damaged or missing accessories.
  2. The 790GX is the higher end of the 3 listed. It combines the features of the other two.
  3. ok thanks for your help.. another thing will the following ddr3 ram run well in the 790 GX?

    and suppose i want to overclock the phenom 955 to 3.8ghz. what cooler would you suggest around $30?
  4. That RAM will work, but you may have to manually set the timing in the BIOS. That motherboard's native RAM speed is 1333Mhz.

    Here's a rank of the best CPU coolers. The sunbeam core contact freezer is in that price range.
  5. btw is 790FX better than 790GX?? do you think it will be better i buy the 790FX rather than 790GX/

    and thanks for the cooler information, it says that it compatible with socket am2 and am2+. but isnt phenom 955 socket am3?
  6. The FX is pretty much the exact same board as the GX, except it has 4 PCIe x16 graphics slots. If you're a big gammer, and you'll use them, it may be worth it. If you're not, then it's probably a waste of $$.

    The socket is the same. The difference is the pins and memory controller.
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    It looks good.
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