How to restrict certain network user from accessing a shared folder.

I have a HTPC thats running Windows 7 Media Center and with a large hard drive full of media that I am sharing on a network.

In order to share the folder I had to set the permission to Everyone. The problem is I don't want anyone else on the my home network to be able to access that folder.

I only want my bedroom PC and office PC to be able to access that folder.

In the sharing and permissions property I am only able to see my own computer

Please see picture below

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  1. Uncheck in everyone all 3 options. You need add the users that can access to the sharer folder, to do this, you need 2 steps:

    1- In sharing, share, permissions and add. In the white space, write the user that you want that have access the folder.

    2- In security, is the same process that in the 1 step, uncheck the permission for everyone and add the users that you want to access the folder
  2. The computer is not able to find any other users on the network. When I type in the account names of the other PC it says "Names Cannot be Found"

    The computer is only looking for accounts on the same computer instead of the network.
  3. I suppose that you are working with a work_group and not a domain, right?
  4. yes i am. Do i need to be working on a domain for it to work?
  5. The problem here, is that you try given access to users that log in in another computers but not in the computer that have the shared folder. This only works with a domain users, and you are working with a local users in each computer. The computer only recognize the users that log in in the computer.

    A solution could be sharing the folder across MSN.
  6. You can also make duplicate accounts on the local system doing the sharing with the same name/pass as the other users who need to connect(make then EXACT). Then you can set up the permissions in share and NTFS and be good to go :)

    Do not log into those users on the sharing computer and it will never create local folders for those users(saves space.). you can even hide those users from the welcome screen and user management with a registry trick.

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\SpecialAccounts\UserList\ and create a 32-bit dword value the same as the login name of the user to be hidden. Use with care, this user will not even appear on the computer anymore, but will still be usable for shares and ntfs security permissions

    Not the nicest solution, but it does the job.

    Edit, damn I raised the dead. Just say it in another thread and did not look at the date. my bad

  7. Edit, damn I raised the dead. Just say it in another thread and did not look at the date. my bad

    Relax, Nuke - noted but no action taken - this time. :D
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