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Hello I installed a sata drive and their is an eide drive already installed. how do i initialize the sata drive?
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  1. Decide which drive is the boot drive and which is a secondary drive. If you want the system to boot up to the boot drive, use the hardrive software to prep your sata drive. I use maxblast 5, a free download, for seagate and maxtor drives. Other brands have similar software. It's normally included in a retail boxed drive, but downloading it and burning a cd only takes a few minutes. If you get the sata set to boot, use the same software to make a drive to drive copy. After you reboot, the software takes about 10-15 minutes to finish copying the files. Then when it shuts down, set your ide drive jumper to the "slave" setting, and when you start up, your sata should work.
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