Trying to connect my NVIDIA geforce 8800gs graphics card to new lcd screen TV (d

Hi all, I have a geforce 8800gs graphics card in my pc with two dvi outputs only problem is my brand new TV only has vga connection I have tried using an adapter to connect the two together but cannot get a picture on my TV... connection works but the picture is really poor as it cannot get the resolutions that the TV is capable of which is 1920:1080 any advice? Really stuck with this and can only think that NVIDIA maybe has a driver or something that may work ... have looked and I can’t find one :(
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  1. It would be poor as you're converting the digital output of your video card to analog using the VGA adapter thus your TV is receiving analog signals which is lesser in quality.
  2. Try using a DVI to HDMI converter or cable.
  3. Thanks for the advice :)
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