Artifacts and freezes with full-screen video

Hi, I've got a problem.

Just the other day, I was playing a flash clip in Explorer. I used fullscreen video to get a better view, when suddenly, several minutes into the clip, artifacts started popping up. About two seconds later, the computer froze. It was a complete system lock-up, and I had to do a hard restart to get it back running.

A few more tests with the exact same clip revealed that the computer would always hang, within 2-20 minutes into the video.

I tried doing a complete reinstall of an older graphic driver (186.18 to 185.15), with the whole uninstall-safe-boot-driver-sweeper-install procedure. No change.

I then tried underclocking the cards with Riva Tuner, and the problem seemingly disappeared. However, I'm not too keen on having to essentially cripple my rig just to solve this incredibly annoying problem.

Does anyone have any tips or ideas on what I should do? My specs are below.

OS: Windows XP Pro x64 SP2
MoBo: Asus P5N-T Deluxe (BIOS 1106)
GPU: 2x XFX 8800 GTS 512 (SLi)
CPU: Intel Core2 Quad Q9450 2,66GHz
RAM: 2x2GB Corsair XMS2 Dominator TwinX DDR2
Power Supply: 550W Corsair CMPSU-550VXEU
Cooling: Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme
Fan: Noctua NF-P12 1300 Silent Case Fan 120mm
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  1. Maybe your pc is to dusty,(espaicially Gpu) and overheats.

    Clean your Pc interior (if you don't know how then google it).

    You should have an intake fan in the front of the case and an exhaust fan in the back.
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