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I want to upgrade my processor to an AMD quad core, preferably the Phenom II x4 955. My worry is that it is a 125w processor and my PSU only has a 4-pin (P4) cpu power connector. I do not intend to overclock, and my PSU is a 575 watt one. I am currently running a GTX 260, 2 HDDs and my DVD drive and a 65 watt AMD athlon 64 x2 5000+ without trouble.

So my questions are:

Will my current PSU run the Phenom on the 4-pin power?
If not are there any adapters I can use to cirumvent this issue?
If all else fails, what PSU would you recommend to power my system?
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    Try the phenom with the 4 pin connector on your old ps. If it doesn't post or gives you problems, look for one of the following brands in 650-750 watts: corsair, pc power and cooling, seasonic, antec, enermax, and ocz. The 4 pin only fits one way and will leave 4 pins open on one end.
  2. To make sure, the yellow wires face the edge of the board.
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  4. I'll post results when I get the new Phenom, thanks for the help.
  5. UPDATE: Using the 4-pin power worked absolutely perfectly. No stability problems as of yet, and the speed is incredible!
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