Any raid controllers work with Caviar Green drives?

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I bought 17 Caviar Green drives for a RAID unit, because their tech told me that they working fine with the unit I had. I later learned that that maybe incorrect. Also, that RAID broke down and it is too old to be worth fixing. So now I have all these drives. Is there a RAID controller card out there that I can use with them, maybe one that lets one set a long timeout, so the non-TLER nature of the drives would not be a problem? I was thinking if I could fine something like that, I could buy one of there 16 bay servers and have a cheap NAS. This would be used for backup purposes only. We have a very limited budget and fixed budget, so using the drives we have would be a huge win.

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  1. I use 20x 2TB WD green drives with SPM394 hardware raid controller here...

    You can see one of the picture it's a WD green 2TB HDD
    I have no problem so far!
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