Game is slow, loads just as normal after upgrading to a new SSD

I just bought a new SSD, Crucial M4 64GB.

LOL just found out about the different modes and such, so I changed it from IDE to AHCI mode which made read speeds go from 180 to 390.

Now I can tell the difference by a little bit on loading the OS but when I load my Game Warcraft III its the same speed and the game lags more. My system is potent 1055T X6 2.8GHZ (Cool and quiet is on, so it downclocks) about to turn that off come to think of it. With a 5850HD.

Is there some other mode im missing to fix this lag? I max out the FPS at 60 always now its from 30-60.

Downloading steam games as of now and will test thi ssoon but any suggestions for now?
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  1. BTW Read speed is a constant 390 on benchmark, i wrote this question weird sorry.
  2. Ive noticed lag on my Crucial SATA III 120gb SDD. I have a GTX 580 and I receive lag. Which should be near impossible.
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