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Hi everyone,

Is it possible to install a second, cheap, graphics card with no other purpose but to allow me to plug in more monitors? I wouldnt want to spend another £120 to get the same card as my current one and i dont want my current one to slow to the new card's speed or anything. I just want the extra ports for monitors.


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  1. Yes, but the card would drive those monitors, not use the power of your other card. Also, it has been reported that with nVidia cards there have been problems if the card doesn't use the same drivers. Not sure about AMD.
  2. Ok. Thanks. I think ive got the idea.
  3. just curious, you're putting the second card in a regular pci slot correct?
  4. Yeah, I would be.
  5. okay good. just for simplicity purposes, i'd get the second card from the same manufacturer, especially if you're running vista, because in vista you can only install one gfx driver
  6. Im running Windows 7 and for what its worth, my current card is nvidia GeForce GTX 260
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