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Hey everyone... i recently got an old E-Machine PC... Model H3512. first thing i noticed upon opening the case is that the motherboard has a 24pin ATX connection, but the PSU only has a 20pin, so the far right 4 pins do not have any of the cable plugged in.

i have since tried to upgrade the pc (cpu [p4 3.0ht], pci-e graphics and new ram) and it just doenst seem to be working right, stalling out alot, memory read errors etc...
i have exhausted all the troubleshooting steps, only thing i can think is it has to do with the atx motherboard power, 24pin vs 20pin...

any ideas?
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  1. Well, there is such a thing as a 20 to 24 pin converter (I used one in the past) however I don't think using 20 pin instead of 24 is supposed to cause a problem. No harm in trying, I suppose.

    Here's a Newegg link:

  2. It might not be the lack of 4 pins, it could also be that the power supply is rated too low for the new parts.

    My P4 3.0 ran on a 20 pin PSU + 4 pin ATX12 for ages, no problems. It was AGP though, and graphics card might've been less power hungry than yours.

    What is your PSU rating?

    You can try the adaptor above, but I'd be swapping in a new power supply, nothing crazy or expensive, just something with the right plugs and enough juice. But a bad motherboard or bad RAM can cause instability and RAM read errors as well..... e.g. if you ran around in woolen socks playing 'catch the RAM' it could be the issue too lol

    Best of luck, good thing about machines like those is you can usually get bits for testing cheap or mates with spares.

    Any part you can swap for another one, try it basically.
  3. Make sure you install the 4-pin connector, most mobo's should work with 20-pin ATX though it depends. A converter cable is possible. What PSU you have?
  4. Depends on the motherboard and/or the cpu (but mostly motherboard), some will work fine, I have used adapters in the past. Won't do any harm trying (I tired it before getting the adapters).
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