Can someone suggest a good heatsink please?

I have a AMD 1055t and I would like to change the stock cooler to something else. I'm particularly interested in the Cooler Master 212 Hyper Plus. I was wondering if there was any better ones for around the same price.
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  1. hyper 212+ is good choice , i think the best price and performance
  2. I read a review on maximum PC that said the Corsair A70 (~$40) runs 4C cooler under load then the CM 212. This is probably due to the fact that the Corsair comes with two fans and they are 3pin so they are probably running at a fast speed.
  3. The fans mentioned and the Scythe Mugen 3 for about 50 beans.
  4. And if ran 4ghz dailly get Noctua NHD-14 / silver arrow, or Spire themax eclipse II, I have spire for my phenom 1055T, that good and very cool.
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