Format SSD, AHCI problems, Secure Erase, please help

Hello, it's my first build, so I would love some help.
I got a Vertex 2 SSD and 2x500GB HD. So I set RAID in BIOS and installed Windows on the SSD.
After reading some posts, I've realized that I did it all wrong, I should have set it to AHCI.
So I booted from Windows7 DVD and Quick Formated the SSD and came back to more instructions. Then, after reading more posts, I realized that the SSD should go through a Secure Erase, with HDD Erase software and NOT quick formatted.
I'm really lost.. what should I do now to properly install Windows 7 on SSD and get best performance?
Sorry for bad english.
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  1. Your English is fine, and setting the BIOS to RAID in most systems does enable AHCI. So it will work fine. One some boards, you have the ability to set the mode port-by-port, so check and see if this is an option.

    Secure erase utilities can be found in toolkits from the MFG or courtesy of the University of California Center for Magnetic Recording Research at . The latter is cited by the National Institute of Standards and Technology in this document on sanitizing media: .

    There's a "tutorial" here, again from CMRR at UCSD:
  2. So would you recommend HDD Erase the SSD and fresh install Windows7 in my case?
    If yes, after that, should I set BIOS to AHCI then install OS?
  3. I think that you have to set the controller mode to AHCI before the secure erase will work. Then go ahead and reset the drive, then install Win7.
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