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Oc 9950 ...cooler options...am2+

because I will buy a new video card (560 ti) recommended me to oc my cpu to minimize the bottleneck and not to spend on a new cpu (amd phenom 2 955) original idea ... the other reason is because currently the factory cooler is not working well under a lot of work, video conversion, prime95, heavy games,, the temperature goes outside the range of 61 maximum security but reaches 70c ----- 75c .... by c of course I turn off the machine when reaching these values ​​or minimizes the time on.

coolers are options I have in my country (they are cheap do not want to spend a lot ----- because otherwise buy a phenom 955) ...

. I have a asus motherboard am2+ Crossair formula 2

Cooler Cpu Cooler Master Hyper Tx3
Cooler Cpu Cooler Master Vortex Plus
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus

accept recommendations that would walk better in my cooler am2 + ... and as cooler and oc which should reach so there is no bottleneck

pardon my English
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    +1 to the Hyper 212+ but that CPU won't overclock very well.
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