Good mother board for dual ati radeon 5970

Whats a good mother board for ATI Radeon 5970, with a intel i7 extreme 975 (3.33Ghz) thanks.
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  2. do u know what case would go good with motherboard?
  3. i like my Coolermaster HAF 932 but there are other cases that are nice as well
  4. The better answer is any motherboard that uses an X58 chipset would be good - or a motherboard that uses a P55 chipset with 1x16 PCIe socket. Do not buy a P55 motherboard if they offer 2x16 PCIe sockets - those run at half speed and the 5970 WILL be impacted.

    I say X58 becasue you know it will work for you. You will have to be very cautious with a P55 system.

    The ATI 5970 is the only graphics card that needs a full native 16 lanes dedicated to it.

    Buy an X58 based motherboard based on features and cost you can find.
  5. ama get dual ati radeon 5970, sorry not to mention that can you give me a case and a motherboard good for it?
  6. HAF 932 is great with my EVGA X58 SLI LE

    My mobo has 4 slots and works with tri sli or CF
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