Bought Plextor SSD and wants to reformat old HDD

So I just bought the Plextor SSD 128gb today (, and I want to install my OS, Office, and a few games on the SSD. Currently my OS is running on the HDD, a 1tb Hitachi, I want to completely remove everything off that. I understand I have to connect the SSD and set the BIOS to run on AHCI, my mobo is an AsRock Extreme4, I know how to do this. My question is, can I reformat the HDD and not install an OS on it because I will be booting from my SSD and how would I do this if so? Also, after I boot from my SSD, I want to just use my HDD for storage, so everything I do daily, I want to just store on the HDD, how would I set it so that it is my primary storage? Thanks ahead of time for the answers. Any other tips, advice, insight, will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. This is the same as adding any new disk as storage. ssd or hdd. Connect it to a system with xp installed on another drive, make sure your boot order is set to boot from the disk with xp installed, then if you don't see a drive letter for your new drive, format it in disk management and assign a drive letter to the storage drive.
  2. Tell me you are running Win 7?
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