Radeon 4890 help?

Hey Guys - I finally built a new system recently and came across something new.

I ordered a Radeon 4890 and when installing it i noticed there were 2 plugs in the back of the video card. Since i havent built a system since late 90's i didnt know what they were for. So, i read the instruction and it said to plug 2 6 pins from the PSU to the video. Which i did, and started my comp up and saw alittle bit of smoke come from the back of the video. I paniced and unplugged the psu.

I am returning my video card but my question is when what do i do with the plugs in the back of the video? Was i doing this correctly but the video was defective?

I am using a Corsair 850 watt with an asus deluxe v2.
Any info would be helpful thanks.
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  1. that is what they are for
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    Here is a article showing which connectors you'll come across when building the system.

    It sounds to me as if you did everything correctly, though, the only 6 pin connectors on a PSU should be the PCI-E ones although it might be possible to confuse a 8 pin PCI-E connector with the 8 pin motherboard plug.
    Perhaps you just recieved a duff card;(
  3. Sounds like you did everything right. Might have just got a bad card I am guessing.
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