Need to format 64 runcore

I need to format my 64 g ssd it crashed unusable
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  1. If it's crashed and unusable, formatting won't help you. Formatting will just wipe the data on the disk and set it up for a file system, it won't help with a failed drive.

    Format it the same as any other drive, if you have a drive to boot to, right-click on the SSD drive letter in My Computer, select format. Or boot of a Windows disk, and format during setup. Or boot of a utility disk like Ultimate Boot CD and format from there.
  2. Thanks,
    I can see the drive shows 0.0 for properties drive seems to be dead unusable tried to format comes up errors Runcore never replied when I asked for help so unless someone has something to suggest I will give up on this drive wasted $200 on it, a waste.
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